Eight reasons to tell you why WeChat electricity supplier can not get through

is now entangled in WeChat electricity supplier companies and friends more and more, in view of my personal observation of the electricity supplier WeChat, WeChat electricity supplier that at least for the time being at least, the reasons are as follows.

first, the user is the first purchase habits, WeChat lack of DNA

Ali electricity supplier, a few years ago, Taobao First impressions are strongest, not only with differential strategy to beat eBay, but with a keen sense of smell and market of the industry predicted gradually occupy the domestic C2C market dominance. Ali electricity supplier has been fixed in people’s minds, a reference to the first thought of shopping is Taobao, Tmall, a mention of social first thought is QQ, WeChat. This mindset is difficult to change, has become a habit, it is generally Chinese Internet users buying habits, more detailed purchase network habits, this is the sign of directional, Ali is the electricity supplier.


does not have the electricity supplier WeChat logo, WeChat and QQ are exactly the same, only WeChat function and experience in many aspects of innovation, it is more reflected in the social visual experience, positioning the use convenience and the social circle, WeChat itself is not a business platform, also did not form a a user’s buying habits, this is a congenital deficiencies, as the saying goes, the habit of natural shopping habits and a new growth of social networking tools is not going to happen much relationship. And for users to buy habits are often the primary factor in determining the purchase behavior, and in the purchasing habits, WeChat is a natural lack of DNA.

two, the number of public media carrier electricity supplier is a huge gap

is a public media platform, carrying WeChat as a media mission, due to the low threshold and adapt to the social needs of WeChat, crazy spread, the development of the new media industry, is indeed a hitherto unknown change, WeChat needs massive user based on the number of public media it overnight, so strong social media WeChat is undoubtedly successful.

and the public to do business but need to carefully consider the public, users can bring value information to the public, even let users rely on the formation, but once the commodity transactions and information contained to users, based on the characteristics of human nature, the original of this public number can provide value even all gone. Because in the social networking tools, social media is a necessity, can provide useful information for the social thought of social services, and the purchase of goods is not, in the media to meet the needs of users, user behavior has reached saturation at this time. The media carrying electricity supplier appears to be traced, is actually a. The media can do is to brand promotion, in which advertising spots, and the media itself can only complete the mission of media. Especially in the fragmentation of the mobile Internet era, electricity providers need a vertical platform to complete the industry.

three, the service number to the WeChat store conversion probability of

conversion is a prerequisite for the purchase of the behavior of the user giant. For businesses, the first

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