Website how to make money

More and more sites, because we want to use the site to help themselves make money. However, want the website to help their money is not too easy, a few years, I studied many silent money website, also did a lot of research to spend a lot of energy but still not profitable website. If your site has not yet helped you make money, if you want to make a profitable website, please read this series of articles:

61548;         the Internet is not the biggest trend of current economic development: grasp the big trend to earn a lot of money, grasp small profit trend. At the end of the last century, the Internet was the biggest development trend in ten years. For the original website, they grasp the trend, as long as the undead, after the money is in the affirmative, so they don’t have the energy to consider how to make money, to consider just how to expand the site, how to attract more people’s attention. Now, the Internet is still a very big development trend, but it has gradually matured, do more and more people, more and more intense competition, is not the biggest trend.

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