Amazon store Tmall first big promotion four all pay user operation

news March 16th, the latest was informed that since March 6th, Amazon officially arrived Tmall after the day before, "Amazon official flagship store launched the first all big promotion activities, in order to pull the prior to the opening of flagship store sales.

Amazon flagship store official website

according to reports, the form of big promotion in four main categories: discount, post, red envelopes and spike buying. Among them, the spike activity followed the Amazon China official website Z spike style, respectively, as early as 10 points, the evening of 8 each launched a single explosion.


pointed out that the whole big promotion activities will start from March 16th until March 24th, also echoed the price of imported electricity supplier in March to fight in a certain extent.

Amazon flagship store red event and a single product discount activities



flagship store seckill activities and free shipping activities, it is understood that Amazon’s official flagship store currently has 4 major categories, namely food, shoes, toys and baby kitchenware. Among them, the toy maternal category is dominant in the sales of baby toys.

in addition, all goods Amazon Tmall official flagship store by Amazon Chinese self built logistics system and distribution, the same day, the next day has covered more than 1 thousand and 400 city and county, and the country has more than 5 thousand points.

is reported that, Amazon official flagship store on March 6th officially began trial operation. For the official flagship store opened in Tmall, Amazon China said it hopes to allow consumers to purchase more direct and overseas goods from Amazon China through a wider and diversified channels.

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