E commerce choice is more important than effort

in the field of electronic commerce, a comprehensive e-commerce platform for Alibaba, global resources, HC IT monopoly portal, by Taobao, eBay, pat, and then to today’s ah, B2C, integrated portal C2C has been difficult to surpass. So for grassroots entrepreneurs in terms of the webmaster, where to go?

with the gradual breakdown of the industry, the whole structure is undergoing tremendous changes, vertical portals and vertical class B2B class B2C, C2C shopping website development Suxun in recent years, provides a good business environment for the grassroots webmaster, you will see how to divide the industry segments in place, I think the choice is more important than hard work, choose no efforts.

we are very concerned about the Internet practitioners vertical website yesterday, today and tomorrow, the development of strategic issues. 2000 winter, many Internet Co China, including big companies, small companies have grown up, a lot of vertical portals, including IT, education, medical, and clothing, get a lot of investment in 04, 05 years, lead us vertical portals have a very good development. Each vertical portal has many members in the Zhejiang area about twenty several vertical portals, each member to an average of ten thousand dollars, some free membership, we serve the small and medium enterprises is hundreds of thousands, even millions, vertical portals led to the development of China Internet, let more people know the Internet the development of.

The vertical development of the

industry, gave us a chance, then you choose another mountain brand, or intend to follow the copycat? This seems to be related to the success of Internet entrepreneur entrepreneurship, First impressions are strongest is very obvious, such as the now Chinese clothing network, it originated as early as has been ingrained in the apparel industry, if entrepreneurs want to go beyond or, flat from the competition, it is quite difficult, coupled with the industry to follow the trend of several similar sites, entrepreneurs choose to do if a clothing network, that may be the Reform Bureau has been set. The entrepreneur is not to be a small segment of the industry, to the men’s, women’s, children’s clothing, then not shoes, caps, socks, I’m just here for example, if the information, product information, the number of the industry’s demand for interactive segmentation; single segments of the population more than 10 million scale, enough to support the rapid development of vertical sites in the industry, and even support several vertical sites are possible.

In recent years, the development of the industry

maternal market growth quickly, is an emerging industry, maternal information demand suddenly a huge increase in maternal website for nearly one or two years, but also appeared such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, baby care information Chinese, China maternal net, good child, B2B China network industry is pregnant baby industry an early start in the industry portal, which also shows the entrepreneurs choose of e-commerce, also shows the observation feeling for the industry segments.

for example, introduced a www.yuyingchina.cn China snare the pregnant baby industry, pregnant baby brand, provide brand communication, brand recommendation, agent consulting, franchising, letter.

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