Spell good cargo will be a single sniper brush will involve dry cleaning and other O2O services

news May 18th, the day before, the franchisee to billion state power network broke the news that "good fresh spell spell station" Shanghai investment team to evacuate, and suspended subsidies, promotion of cooperation projects, resulting in a "semi shutdown state".

good fight cargo billion state power network to clarify that spell station investment team has been transferred to the green commercial building. A project to "shut down", it is because some investment agents and station operator is suspected, earn platform subsidies through scalping, involving large amounts of the future ", Shanghai area project is in the stage of adjustment.

spell good goods, said the company will at all costs to maintain the integrity of the bottom line, and fraudulent acts of scalping. In the future, the company will gradually promote the online supermarket, commodity distribution, dry cleaning on behalf of the delivery, home appliances on behalf of the maintenance, express delivery and other convenient services.

the following aspects of the goods to fight the original statement:

Since the

spell good "spell station" module on-line, investment agent and station operator is suspected, earn subsidies through a single brush platform, the amount of money involved, this behavior has seriously damaged the fair business environment, damage the integrity of the interests of businesses, but also by making a false transaction to deceive consumers. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract and the legitimate rights conferred by the law, the platform terminates the cooperative relationship with the above-mentioned businesses.

recently, these businesses through the mob, disrupt the normal working order of company and spread false statements etc., the so-called "rights". In this regard, Hangzhou Amy solemnly declare as follows:

first, the business community, the letter does not stand. Platform is strictly prohibited scalping and other false trading behavior, for various types of breach of contract, and even illegal behavior will not be tolerated; the company will at all costs to maintain the integrity of the bottom line, and fraudulent acts of scalping.

second, if the businessman think their legitimate interests are infringed, should protect their own interests through proper legal channels, rather than by distorting the facts, disrupting the office order and unfair means the so-called "human rights"; for malicious slander and distorted the facts, the company will pursue all the responsibility by law.

third, O2O for the entire industry, the malicious scalping problem always exists, it also makes many investors suffered great loss, while the O2O industry for "try" the last one kilometer, also often because of malicious brush vanish like soap bubbles. Since the brush grab the user subsidies for O2O companies, the project will be used to improve the living environment of financing, can not play its due effect. Many well-known O2O companies in the industry, but also suffer from single brush harm. Industry brush needs to curb the wind.

"spell station", will focus on remediation, thorough investigation of the brush. "Spell station" for fraud against scalping behavior and boycott efforts will increase. "Spell station" solemnly remind all agents and station operators, not luck, trying to brush single fraud. Various types of breach of contract and even illegal acts once found, the company will pick up the legal weapons

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