Dangdang Dangdang new LOGO monkey cat dog monkey wars start again

dangdang.com since last week selection was renamed "Dangdang" was also released a new brand attitude, "dare dangdang". And no matter how Dangdang, at least now, Dangdang has a new slogan, shouting is also particularly loud.

On the occasion of the eleven major electricity supplier

double melee occasion, Dangdang also seems to be the butt of meaning, in previous years because of the major electricity supplier price war and the fall of another batch, not being acquired is facing the settlement situation. This year, the situation is somewhat different, at least a few competitors, there was no image of LOGO Dangdang in the release of the "monkey" also has a new version of the Q image, easier to deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

cats and dogs upgraded to war cat dog monkey not impossible, Dangdang also get rid of the old in the burden of the past, now renamed Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing also stressed Dangdang to dare to bear all risks for consumers, dare to create a better experience for users, dare to Buweijianxian road of innovation.

unfortunately, Dangdang is still not what self advantage, but also the ability of aggregation platform than the cat Taobao, double 11 also difficult to play out awesome bidding measures. But it could also be time before, here is the hope that the future can give Dangdang dead business competition brings a vitality.

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