Red Net makes money Wang Sicong’s girlfriend of 8 months sold more than 200 million

with a beautiful young and millions of fans, some network Reds fans into purchasing power will be successful. Currently on the Taobao platform for the top ten women’s clothing store, the 7 are net red shop. However, the team management is not standardized, fans of the economy is too simple, may lead to net red mode life cycle is not long enough.

released in 2015, China’s Forbes celebrity list, the top 128 million yuan in revenue to Fan Bingbing, however, such income for China’s net red, it is not difficult to achieve. August 26th held in Shanghai, the network red economy seminar, a number of network red gathered, revealed their business through. After the meeting, said the person in charge of the WCC reporter related Taobao, 6 beautiful "the seminar of net red", the average net income of all the billions of dollars per person per year


according to the data provided by Taobao: Taobao is currently in the women’s category, monthly sales of over one million net red shop about 1000, some shop on a new, 3 days to complete the ordinary line store sales a year. This year, 618 big promotion, sales of TOP10 of Taobao women’s clothing store, there are 7 red net shop. Even in the network red shop, there has been only two months of the shop to do the case of the five diamond, called Taobao miracle".

Wang Sicong girlfriend Taobao store in August this year to sell more than two hundred million yuan

in the "Red Net", "national husband Wang Sicong’s girlfriend Zhu Chenhui is one of the most to steal the spotlight. Zhu Chenhui: you are familiar with the "Red Net" Sydney, born in 1990, 2009, Sydney became a student of the 2009 session of the China World Trade Center Department of economics, Zhejiang Gongshang University, 2011 to the end of the year to study at Oakland University in New Zealand, opened the Taobao store "money mrs.".

According to data provided by Taobao

display, this year, the Taobao store in Sydney August evaluation of single transaction is 873331, the products sold by the average customer price at 220 yuan to 240 yuan. That is to say, so far, the Sydney Taobao store has at least more than 200 million yuan in sales. Taobao official told reporters, the average profit of clothing retail rate can reach more than 45%, if at the end of this year, and buy the clothes did not give single transaction, the evaluation of this projection, she netted 150 million yuan this year there is no problem."

will be one of the millions of fans purchasing power: the performance of the network is not as good as the famous red shop

from the beginning of last year, Taobao stores show Reds gradually clear business model. On the surface, "red" and other crown sellers earn seems almost, but the Reds mode is stronger than common mode competition. Behind hundreds of millions of sales, is on the order of millions of fans in social media. In fact, the growth path of network are quite similar to the Red: a beautiful young fashion Master as representative, with the Reds the taste and vision as the leading of selection and visual push >

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