Taobao Tmall turnover this year to break trillion accounting for 2% of China’s GDP


online shopping has become the first choice for many consumers CFP picture

morning news reporter Miao Xiali

business and store at the end of 2012, or "chill" pushed to the climax.

group announced yesterday, the Alibaba, at 21:50 on November 30, 2012, under the Tmall and Taobao cumulative turnover exceeded 1 trillion yuan, which became the Ma "new economy to subvert the traditional business model" is the most powerful evidence. Ma Yun is in the 13 years to build the business ecosystem forcing traditional business.

1 trillion, accounting for GDP of China’s 2%

according to the National Bureau of statistics data, in 2011 the province’s total retail sales of social consumer goods was 18 trillion and 390 billion, equivalent to one trillion of its total of 5.4%, equivalent to China’s GDP of 2%.

for this figure, Ma stressed that the nature of e-commerce under the Internet environment, is not before a lot of people’s understanding of "virtual economy", but the reality in the new economy, this new economic model can effectively integrate the existing resources, reduce the cost of enterprise development, enhance the competitiveness of small enterprises, improve the overall efficiency of the society. Each moment of tens of millions of consumers and the Internet network environment, is a new economic era the first immigrants, will lead to the transformation of the economic China.

"double eleven" this year, Ma Yunfeng fund bigwigs gathered together "verification" of Alibaba’s miracle, the day turnover of 19 billion 100 million yuan to do up enough of the face". After that, only the Ma Yun’s Subversion: a new business ecosystem to subvert the traditional business ecosystem, "like a lion in the forest of the sheep, this is the law of ecology, the game has started, like telephone, fax the opportunity to replace a large number of letters, which is an inevitable trend. The new economic model has been a bit of a lion’s taste."

data show that in 2003 the establishment of, the turnover of about 22 million 710 thousand yuan, 2004 trading volume reached 1 billion yuan, while the third party payment tool Alipay, solve the online shopping credit system, trading volume from Yiqijuechen, from 2005 to 8 billion yuan shot up all the way to today’s trillion.

10 trillion is the next target

yesterday, the Chief Strategic Officer of Alibaba group has said that a breakthrough of 1 trillion yuan, which means that Alibaba from a single market development, extended to the construction of the entire electricity supplier ecosystem to change. This is just the beginning, it will be from advertising, retail, logistics, distribution step by step until the entire supply chain system running through the internet.

that day, e-commerce really began to play its greatest power. "For the future of the society as a whole, when the volume is one hundred thousand, the game is over

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