When clothing retail nternet 2016 apparel industry in the top three trends

economists predict: 2015 – 2017, China’s economy is the most difficult winter. In the past year, clothing industry, sports brand, Menswear enterprises closed shop tide storm continued, showing a bleak market. But in 2015 it is the traditional retail clothing business the biggest change in a year, a series of Internet terms ensued, "Internet plus", "web 4" and "door-to-door service" and so on.

just in the past, the CHIC exhibition in Shanghai, China clothing forum, entrepreneurs in the past 2015, but also have their own views:

Ellassay chairman Xia Guoxin said that the advent of the mobile Internet, has great influence on the development of enterprise organization, hesitate for a year, a year later, the enterprise may be eliminated.

Miao Hongbing, chairman of the board of white-collar

on 2015 feel the most obvious two points: first, the revolutionary way of brand promotion changes; two is the transformation and upgrading.

indeed, in 2015, there are many traditional companies in the Internet "temptation" have OCS, but in 10 years ago, China consumers from Internet users to not to "chop hand family, enterprise business can enjoy the line of dividends, but when consumers pay more attention to the quality of consumption. More and more attention when shopping experience, and how to develop our traditional retail business


Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong Ali will be mentioned in the speech, e-commerce is now developing very fast, the development of the next few years need to change. And Ali electricity supplier in 2016, the three major battles: globalization, rural, big data and cloud computing. If we say that in the battlefield of the Internet, Ali to do is how to seize the internationalization, seize the countryside, seize the future. Then the traditional clothing retail enterprises to do is how to seize the flow, seize the VIP, seize the big data and services to improve the user experience and stickiness.

traditional retail business is most familiar to pick a good location, good decoration, good display of goods, waiting for customers to come the shopkeeper model, this model has a huge impact by electricity providers, micro business, do not adapt to the current situation and future trend. "Internet plus" mode is the needs of enterprises to take the initiative in the network, the most important thing is to "get" the attention of customers, good customer management is "fans economy" and "economic community", is a kind of business model. Therefore, the need for traditional clothing retail enterprises to change ideas, immediate action, seize the opportunity to successfully transition.

clothing retail enterprises in 2016

is a traditional store technology transformation, from one screen to multi screen. The first is the mobile terminal, according to data show that consumer habits have shifted from the PC to the mobile terminal. The fragmentation of time forced the development of smart devices, mobile phone mobile terminal can better meet user needs in shopping whenever and wherever possible, displayed on the user’s mobile phone brand can be APP can also be a brand WeChat mall, which will be with WeChat users.

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