Music as the ecological sharing of the night of the ecology of more than a dozen companies lying joi

April 13th, LETV "ecological shared night" officially opened at the National Tennis Center Diamond stadium, Mercedes Benz C class car as the chief ecological partners "crossover, control change, Party ecological dazzling. Like the music as a unique conference "ecological economic model, the music sharing night" not only to create a film and television industry, the Internet, technology and entertainment such as the Carnival Party, but also to a number of industries of many brands jointly presented a transnational anti feast. Data show that as this big lie has been HEDY, grapefruit homes, smart cats, Midea air conditioner, one shop, Mengniu hi Milk and dozens of other companies. In addition, this activity not only in the music video on the 360° and VR; panoramic live broadcast, while other video sites broadcast and cross platform, combined with popular mainstream music live broadcast, reflecting off the application of Hi, pepper, Betta, panda,, nice, and other platform easy to live and live catwalk stars.


activities in the field of stars and industry heavyweights appeared on the same stage, become the most beautiful night LETV ecological sharing transboundary landscape. Activities hosted by the famous host He Jiong and new signing music as sports Liu Yuxi, Li Yuchun, Hua Chenyu, Victoria Song, Coco Lee, Park Hae Jin, Lee Min Ho, Huang Zhi, Ruby Lin, Amber Kuo, Hawick Lau, Gao Yunxiang, Huo Siyan and other star studded 100, and Lenovo holdings Chairman Liu Chuanzhi, former president of China Merchants Bank, Ma Yuhua TCL Li Dongsheng, chairman of Datang Group Chairman and President zhencaiji, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan, Huatai Insurance Group Chairman Wang Zimu, chairman Ma Zhongjun, CI Wen media in Zejia Union Investment Fund chairman Wu Ying and other dozens of chiefs from all walks of life platform.

music video site, not only opened the watch and buy function, change the traditional consumption scene, the scene at the same time to send out 8 million Hao Li ecological feedback fans. In addition, as of April 14th zero, LETV through "crazy set ticket" and "shake" the form of red envelopes, issued a total of 400 million yuan coupons, and into April 14th, the first in the history of the Internet "hardware Free Day" in music as mall ( officially opened, tens of millions of fans buy coupons in advance crazy admission, new ecotype consumption concept will be established, then users only for quality content and services such as the core value of pay.

industry heavyweights cross ecological Carnival awards not only entertainment

today, the internet entertainment stars on cross-border feast is not uncommon, but the real one hundred Star Cafe with industry heavyweights "mix" together, sharing music as ecological night would not be true to reality. That night, in the seemingly conventional awards section, the taste of cross-border anti very different. First, in the award settings, "ecology", "cross-border" and other values to become a new standard for judging awards. If the director Tsui Hark won the "master of science and technology as the Ecological Art Award" Ruby Lin "as the most ecological fusion man Award", and publicity director "Gangren Pozzi" won the "ecological LETV annual >

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