How to improve the professional B2C website to improve the conversion rate

the main purpose of this paper is to introduce professional B2C station how to improve the flow conversion rate, but before the introduction of website promotion posts, these methods are my assumption (ashamed, younger brother do B2C when only consider the "surgery" and did not consider the "Tao", these assumptions are recently when they think of tourism). So did not pass the practice of testing, please be a new person when nonsense, the table I.

In addition to

, we can better understand, I want to choose some B2C sites do hope this hypothesis, several websites bosses don’t blame me! But, maybe I said some desirable place really, you have to help.


currently B2C website is only a kind of commodity sales professional B2C station, because the focus of a class of goods, most of this kind of website has good product resources, also have a headache order conversion rate (not including the flow of the search engine).

text chain, image ads, CPC, CPS and other sites effective low-cost promotion, used in the professional B2C station can only bring a huge number of IP and poor orders. So, is there a way to change this situation?

yes, of course, but only if we understand what we’re selling and what we should sell.

from the classic business, there are three things a business can sell, the most junior is the product and service, a high level of demand, the most advanced is the culture.

if your site order conversion rate, in addition to your audience and target audience is not consistent, you are only in the sale of the primary products and services is also an important reason.

so, how can it be regarded as sales demand and culture?

first look at the demand for the B2C site, there are two ways to sell their needs to customers.

method one: to understand what customers really want to buy goods, and let the goods appear in front of him.

many sites have such a confused, click on my main push the product page of a lot of people, but the final purchase is very little. This is because there is a very attractive place to push the main products of your choice, but for some reason (mostly price) and abandon the purchase, interested customers to your main product, that customer demand for similar goods, and the reasons for withdrawal, because this product can not fully meet his demand. At this time, if the main push products can meet the needs of customers to meet the needs of the goods on the page, the customer may buy a substantial increase.


(United States) have a set of customer behavior analysis system, customers can browse the commodity projections customers actually want to buy goods, and then displayed in the customer’s browsing on the product page, this system is the Amazon Town store treasure.

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