Tmall released global trend report six trends in the online apparel industry

NetEase Francisco October 23rd news, Tmall double 11 tide festival held in Shanghai Sports Center, Tmall CBNData released "2016 global trends consumer trends report", the report shows, consumer groups of young, online brand diversification, clothing category diversity, full channel mode, highlighting the advantages of high-end brands electricity providers, individual needs the birth of personal customization, is the six largest online apparel industry trends 2016.

2016 Ali platform for more than 400 million active users, Tmall clothing brand over the number of over 50 thousand. The consumption data of users based on the platform of Ali, the report predicts that the autumn and winter of 2016 the latest trends, namely the head wind, wind, street fashion sports humor were wind, wind, wind and Oriental exquisite minimalist style.

with the upgrading of consumption structure, the report shows, Chinese clothing online B2C market in 2017 is expected to scale over trillion, of which five consumption categories (clothing, footwear, bags, watches, jewelry, clothing and footwear) consumption share reached 90%, more than 50% of the proportion of clothing to become the first major category.

online apparel market mainstream consumers, the proportion of male and female consumers is about 1:2, but the growth rate of male consumers is higher than women. Overall, the number of consumers from the two or three tier cities accounted for higher. (Wei Qing green)

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