Hair products and new restrictions Dunhuang suspended 2 types of wig investment

news August 31st, learned billion state power network, Dunhuang network announced the category to the wig industry and human hair to suspend investment, but its specific opening time to be determined.

it is understood that the suspension of investment involved hair products category are: 1, sending and receiving & hair curtain 2, SHUNFA & hair products; debate. At the same time, including the second category and all three categories.

in addition, in the above categories, online sellers have not affected, not to open a new seller. Other categories of wigs remain open, new sellers first settled in other categories of hair products.

it is reported that in May this year, Dunhuang network announced the monthly assessment of the hair products industry level category all sellers in July this year, according to the treatment was repaying. For new vendors also need to participate in the full assessment of registration after March, is repaying the Seller shall not operate hair products industry products. This category includes rules for the use of hair products under the category of hair, wigs, hair care products and salons and wig tools and headwear and other goods.

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