Taobao mall Taiwan Pavilion three years stationed thousands of vendors only survived 200

        for July will open the Taiwan Museum in a mall, Taiwan cooperation network technology manufacturers said CEO You Shi Yi, through the network of direct sales, dealers can reduce the exploitation, if the two sides no tariff barriers, Taiwan will become the organic consumer market, the supply of high order production base.

he pointed out that Taiwan currently manufactured goods to sales in the mainland on the Internet, in addition to the registration point on the mainland, if the commodities exported from Taiwan, but also the burden of extra duties. If the two sides signed the ECFA, to Taiwan commodity sales, will be a big bonus.

said you Shi Yi, currently in the Taiwan Museum of sales of the brand in Taiwan, mostly in mainland Taiwanese goods production and development for many years, in the mainland has a stable sales network, but based on tariff considerations, these Taiwanese goods actually made in Taiwan and not much, actually to high order consumers in mainland. If the Taiwan brand can also be made in Taiwan, the mainland consumer acceptance will be higher.


mall in Taiwan Museum has been operating for nearly three years, the charge is not high, only eight of the annual listing fee to ninety thousand yuan, according to the turnover cost from 3%, but the success is not much, three years about nearly a thousand companies, but finally left only more than and 200.

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