Private express delivery price has not yet brought EMS impact

Business Daily News (reporter Wang Cuiyi) in September 28th this year, the exclusive disclosure of EMS quietly lowered the price of the news, triggering the industry’s price cuts on EMS can last long guess. With the EMS to expand the price range, the problem seems to have the answer. Reporters yesterday found that in Beijing, Fujian and Guangdong and other places, EMS Ordinary Express products have been reduced by 40%. In view of the economy express "business e treasure" in some areas is also 50% of the price, the first weight is only 5 yuan / kg.

in the industry view, the price to "four up", the performance of growth may help. But private express and flexible pricing mechanism as compared to a huge volume of the background of the state-owned express delivery giant, due to the long maintained high-end image, the postures and private express price war, may face the risk of sesame lost watermelon.

however, facing the financing pressure, EMS as soon as possible in order to increase market share, perhaps can only choose to lower the figure. Reporters call the customer service phone EMS was informed that the Beijing city six district (excluding Haidian) express delivery concerns the price adjustment led by weight 12 yuan / kg, added weight 3 yuan / kg, the price before the first weight 20 yuan / kg, added weight 4 yuan / kg compared to a decline of nearly 40%.

in reducing the price of Ordinary Express at the same time, in order to further seize the "Taobao EMS" market, the economy express brand "e treasure" are more price 50%. A Taobao seller told reporters yesterday presented a "e treasure" on the list, the first weight distribution in Jiangsu province is only 5 yuan / kg, added weight 1.5 yuan / kg, and the official website 10 yuan / kg, added weight 3 yuan / kg in the standard tariff price cheaper than the price of 50%. Flat with one of four links in the local price. In Wenzhou, Taobao in addition to the seller will be able to enjoy preferential prices, "e treasure" will be through the free single fee in the form of price again, save Taobao seller no small expenditure.

in the industry, with EMS as the representative of the domestic high-end express have lower figure, not unrelated to join the fray last month Chinese express FedEx Corp legitimatel. Despite the hope that through the price to protect the city, but now many Taobao sellers feedback, EMS price effect is not obvious.

, a well-known domestic express delivery enterprises in Beijing District, said the price of EMS has not yet brought to the impact of private courier. Moreover, the official also said that if the price war has become a long-term strategy for EMS, the private courier will not sit still. "Will enhance the competitiveness of the service and distribution speed to ensure market share." A well-known seller of clothing in Taobao said that unless it is a remote area, consumers will generally choose the four pass one".

industry insiders said, for a long time, the price of money, so that consumers form a mindset EMS. This makes EMS the face of the current business growth, a huge online shopping delivery there too, just as "more toil". Moreover, EMS’s economic products >

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