A new round of cross border electricity supplier alliance is going to knock off

current electricity supplier and logistics industry boundaries blur. Just days before SF announced its entry into the high-profile business industry, today Zaibao VANCL and Jingdong mall and other large commercial enterprises have been submitted to the State Post Bureau license express business application. According to the news, once the two companies get a courier business license, it will begin a comprehensive integration, the electricity supplier industry may soon be launched a new knockout.

at the same time, the Jingdong mall and many other independent business enterprises have started to set up in the logistics industry of their own, and Taobao’s B2C store also is in on the sideline for as soon as possible with the express company alliance". Tmall is already and SF, EMS reached a cooperation, and jointly create a new standard of business enterprise logistics, promote the comprehensive development of the electricity supplier services. In addition, Tmall has promised that they have a partnership with the courier company, they will provide at least 5 billion yuan of business. This can not help but make a lot of people in the industry to think about: with the continuous strengthening of the electricity supplier business competition, the logistics industry will become the best weapon to qualify for the elimination of the electricity supplier.

, however, the electricity supplier companies involved in setting up the traditional courier companies feel sad. No limit to the courier for the electricity supplier involved, Yuantong express enterprise CEO Yu Weijiao has been to the State Post Bureau and Courier Association proposed to stop and coordinate application. He believes that the electricity supplier companies and express alliance will not promote the common development of these two industries, but will make it into a mess. While Analysys International analyst Chen Shou send also said "the current logistics development speed of the growth rate of electricity is still a big gap, once they cross each other, it is a passive party logistics. As a result, the logistics company not only failed to meet the needs of the electricity supplier, but also may lead to their suffering. The short term ability, service quality is not in place, unreasonable personnel control is bound to hinder the development of the logistics industry. From the investment point of view, the electricity supplier companies have ignored the concept of heavy assets, and the logistics company alliance can promote the company value." Analysis of various factors, electricity providers and logistics alliance is still only in the imagination stage.

in the electricity supplier and the courier company to "line" at the same time, Taobao and Tmall’s alliance is in negotiation acceleration and express company. Tmall in order to create an open B2C platform to create a set of third party services in one of the B2C ecosystem. In fact, we are all required." Electricity supplier research and analysis expert Mo Daiqing said that compared to other independent B2C electricity supplier companies, Tmall is different is that it is a platform, is to attract sellers to gain profit by joining. "Tmall’s sellers are numerous, and they can choose their own express delivery company. The Jingdong store and where the customer is different, they each have their own brand, has great limitations in the choice of cooperation with the courier company. If the self built logistics system, so the electricity supplier in the control and management of the entire service process is more handy, and it can also improve the user experience, shooting two birds with one stone "



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