Traditional electricity providers and network providers who will bet on gambling or failure

impact of the Internet, the impact of traditional industries. This, Taobao, WeChat two points, you can clearly understand. Taobao, changing people’s consumption patterns, but also changed the way of payment. Virtualization, so that people feel convenient. At home, network order, can wait for the harvest. WeChat, the impact of traditional telecommunications. Simple dialogue, convenient and fun, allowing users to Kuaizai!

the pace of the Internet, not because of temporary difficulties, it does not stop. On the contrary, it is in the traditional industry in the application of the continuous popularization. Network to buy clothing, books, food, home appliances, etc., inter industry electricity providers everywhere, the formation of the Internet electricity supplier competitiveness. Network electricity supplier’s profits, but also to the traditional industry that is just a space. Future sales, or to rely on traditional marketing, the continuation of people’s inherent way of sale. And for the inter enterprise gambling. Such as the construction of entrepreneur Wang Jianlin and Ma bet: network business market share rate will exceed 50%, and the father of millet Lei Jun and air-conditioning giant Dong Mingzhu bet: millet sales will exceed GREE. Two billions of dollars in gambling, is a traditional business and network business of gambling, who will cross or


according to the market feedback that network business scope is in force, pushed the traditional market. From these figures, we can see the network’s strong.

1, ad. Many radio stations, newspapers, is the need to rely on advertising as the main revenue point. But the Internet search, tearing out break, a slice. In the 2012 year, CCTV advertising revenue was $26 billion 900 million, Baidu advertising revenue was $22 billion 200 million. Difference between the about four billion. But the brand strategy experts predict Li Guangdou predicted that in the future development of advertising, Baidu ads may catch up or beyond the CCTV advertising.

when a child is a common newsstand, is gradually reduced. Survive, no longer a single selling newspapers, magazines, will be accompanied by a certain other. Common is the beverage, barbecue products. The radio is better. After all, the speed of its spread is stronger than that of newspapers. So, in terms of revenue can be.

2, product sales. Selling early on the street, turned into a retail sale, and then to today’s network business. Decades of development, has undergone tremendous changes. Changes in product sales, perhaps a social progress. But slowly in the impact of the traditional electricity supplier, or is a kind of erosion.

in the early days, people on the network electricity supplier sales are not recognized. But the popularity of the Internet, the network consumption in line with people’s needs. The subjective consumption of users is the main factor to promote it. Expected in 2015, e-commerce sales will reach 18 trillion, accounting for the overall product consumption of 10%. This consumption plan is great, but it also highlights a new force, another step Wynn strategy.

from the above examples, to understand the Internet is strong. But still did not go beyond the traditional electricity supplier, in a catch-up >

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