Cross border electricity supplier who can keep up with the rhythm of Ali

March 1, 2014, 3 days ago from the United States small calcium, one hour quickly gone through the Hangzhou customs and immigration formalities, Tmall became the first international and Hangzhou customs pilot cross-border e-commerce direct purchase import mode of entry of goods. The face of the plight of the traditional sea Amoy – a long cycle of logistics, uncontrolled sampling of the tax deduction, etc., now in the camp of Ali for a year of silent efforts, in one fell swoop was broken.


, the consumer Chinese keen sea Amoy women (including men) sea Amoy shopping cycle, from the time of payment to the receipt, even with the domestic logistics cycle off after only 10 days. Over the past 30 to 40 days of "goods" of this core trouble no longer exists, which greatly reduces the Tmall international in more than two hundred overseas business or traditional businesses and consumers Chinese distance.

Ali sea Amoy strategy began in 2013, a year to complete the work from the customs cooperation model to the introduction of business. Without exception, Tmall settled international businesses are required to accept Ali unified service standards, for example, within 72 hours of delivery, Chinese want service, Chinese domestic return points. Ali also used the platform edge back overseas businessmen, innovation of Tmall international and Hangzhou customs cooperation model based on data sharing, the customs can directly see who bought what at what price commodities, and thus efficient screening and rapid clearance.

in early 2013, as the head of Tmall international Zhao Chen, led the team is looking for overseas companies to the secret project Tmall international. A year later, he pushed Tmall International ( officially launched, reaching more than 200 merchants settled cooperation, many of whom illustrious businesses, such as Hongkong ranked first, second SASA, Bonjour cosmetics group, Taiwan’s largest TV shopping channel in eastern Japan, strictly choose the largest drug store online sites such as kenko.

in addition to Ali, the rapid growth of this piece of blue ocean market also attracts the Jingdong (scroll information), Suning and other big game player, zhaochen not without a sense of crisis of the "Global Entrepreneur": "we are not worried about the growth, but worried about how quickly to meet consumer demand."


, however, Ali is still the fastest player in the sea amoy.

according to statistics, since 2010 China Sea Amoy market annual growth rate of more than 100%. The Alipay statistics released in 2012 showed that an China scale sea Amoy consumption growth of 117%, this figure is almost two times the domestic online shopping market. According to the China e-commerce research center monitoring data, sea Amoy market size reached 70 billion yuan. Ali collected sea Amoy data has more than 100 billion scale, and soon will be hundreds of billions of magnitude market." Zhao Chen said.

since the RMB against the U.S. dollar in 2005, a substantial appreciation of the beginning of the Chinese consumers in the pockets of the yuan overseas purchasing power, relative to the domestic price of sustained inflation, a substantial appreciation of about 30%>

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