Deny the transfer of the domain name 365 com where to go 3 guess baked

some time ago, the Internet was once spread to enable the new domain name raise a Babel of criticism of the old domain, may sell at high prices, in April 8th, according to official announcement, the company recently officially opened the "OK365" brand, and the original domain name change to caused a variety of industry domain where the conjecture. The day before, the reporter linked to the company’s marketing department responsible person was informed that the company will not transfer the domain name The official said, we will not, in the future will not transfer domain name". domain has been the main business search, the risk change of brand and domain name, can be described as generous, indicates that will have a major move. Only from the domain itself, it is valuable, the whereabouts of the network is nothing more than the following guess:

1, with Taobao, Baidu or QQ to build a shopping website


B2C mall is also Xiao He, Xiao He also had strong influence, by virtue of C2C, accumulated a lot of resources, to achieve the B2C mall. Unfortunately, C2C often too loud, now everyone is mentioning Taobao, think of all kinds of C2C stores. Taobao is said to be looking for an independent domain name.

Baidu is not only based on the search engine, but also intends to carry out multi-faceted operations, C2C shopping site is also planning.

Tencent C2C pat Network in the field, its planning in the B2C has been slow to appear.

2, new revision, take a similar word of mouth network has been used for commercial search, the home is relatively simple. In the reputation network such classified information website with the times, with rich practical information among the media at the same time, has not been much action, do not rule out actively planning for the possible in the media field.

3, to build their own shopping site

365 figures, the meaning is very rich, the most suitable to do shopping site, but can represent 365 days of customer satisfaction, the joy of shopping for 365 days. Although the risk investment about B2C field, you know, Taobao has such strong competitors, to do the shopping site, unless the game.

had been close to the insiders, will be announced in detail in the month of 5-6, is now in June, I believe that the answer is not far from the announcement.

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