Hand in hand to create online business entities to sell Taobao test the virtual supermarket

trainee reporter Zhu Weiguo photo

this morning, a subsidiary of Alibaba to import food, drinks and supplies sales of "life platform" Taobao "purchase convenience" (24.taobao.com) officially launched, currently in Beijing and Hangzhou to carry out the trial operation, the public can buy homes supermarket living supplies, and can enjoy 24 hours door-to-door.

at present, "the purchase convenience" relates to food and beverage, beauty care, maternal and child supplies, kitchen supplies, department stores, Home Furnishing textile ten one category, no fresh aquatic products Vegetable & Fruit. "Purchase convenience" business leader, vice president of Alibaba Tao introduction: "on the one hand is because of this kind of product distribution higher threshold, hope in the partner system is mature, come in; on the other hand, large-scale online sales of vegetables, meat products, one should not adopt the distribution form of electronic commerce as for what, in 2013, has always been a road trip."

is different from 3C, clothing and other categories, the commodity is a special commodity." To build "purchase convenience" of the mind, Tao Ran to reporters just sum accounts, living commodities lower profits (although the average life commodity price higher, but the average gross profit is only about 16%), but the distribution cost is also very high (single life commodity average weight of 5 kg, express delivery trouble). At the same time, the degree of local purchase of goods is very high (Beijing city accounted for nearly 50% of the purchase), the association to buy more (an average of more than 4), user stickiness and high conversion.

"in reality, there is a lot we don’t know the price they have suitable suppliers, quality reliable products. For some reason, they don’t have the ability to do e-commerce, or do not want to do their own e-commerce." Tao told reporters, "the purchase of convenience" like Taobao, only the platform, goods, warehouse, distribution of these professional things by professional partners to complete.

it is understood that the "purchase of convenience" business cooperation is a traditional supermarket line (currently the main partners in Beijing, Hangzhou as the first in Europe, second of the world’s top class business group Metro) suppliers and offline by businesses to provide qualified, high-quality products, Taobao give advice, businesses decide products online pricing and discounts.


currently only Beijing and Hangzhou two regions began operations, but "purchase convenience" also said that in the trial operation after a period of time, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, and Shenzhen, Chengdu, Nanjing city will also be launched operations, is expected to three months after the delivery time is shortened to "day". And as the user needs to open the night home delivery service.

buy convenience also to attract consumers at a more favorable price. Reporters saw a market price of 106 yuan in the import of olive oil in Spain, but here only sell $49.04. Analysis of the industry, because the purchase of convenience is to provide a platform for the exhibition >

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