How community development prospects under the mode of O2O burn

people know that the concept of O2O does not last long, but it develops rapidly. Like the short-term rapid penetration of each industry, the food and beverage industry as the vanguard O2O industry force rapidly covering every corner of the country, the catering industry, service industry, daily necessities, medicine, tourism, fresh Vegetable & Fruit, travel and so on, to the garage to buy Egg milk.

in order to consolidate the consumer groups, community O2O at this time again and again and three were mentioned, this community centric O2O business model has a strong pertinence. But why the community O2O did not like other industries as the rapid development of the reasons for what is the value of community O2O in the end worth not to invest?

community O2O

so what is community O2O?

in our community O2O value is not worth investing in the premise, first of all to the community O2O model thoroughly understand.

community O2O is based on the community as the core, to property services as the carrier, the full integration of the surrounding community scattered businesses (life services, supermarkets, restaurants, fresh, medicine, etc.). Owners through the O2O community can stay at home to do anything, efficient and convenient, improve the quality of life and work efficiency.

a complete community O2O must have four roles, namely the community O2O platform, property, owners, businesses.

platform side: property companies can get a certain amount of income, while the community life as a gimmick to attract more businesses to join. Relying on the community to attract O2O owners as the main fan.

property side: all kinds of property management functions readily available, all access to property hardware. Property management companies through the community O2O owners and small businesses, and support APP management.

owner: homes for property business, and community life online. Takeaway food, life service, fresh supermarket network, Vegetable & Fruit full coverage.

business side: the community as the center, the development of community life. Consumer groups more focused, more accurate consumption purposes, reduce operating costs, higher income.

community O2O bottleneck where?

individual diversity

first thing to understand is that the community is now O2O as a unit, it is not a popular O2O platform. Each district is an individual, have different habits and personality. The owners of the district are also different, whether from the living habits, consumption levels, education and other aspects have their own characteristics. This allows the community O2O services can not be unified standards for the construction of community O2O platform.

O2O distribution coverage narrow

community commodity coverage is too limited, and real estate prices skyrocketing, expanding the extraterrestrial community and community construction, each.

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