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as a business manager, if you have been thinking about several issues: how to use network marketing means to obtain personal interests for their own network marketing? Really as magical legend? In network marketing, we really need to pay attention to those aspects of


you must have been concerned about the network, had hoped that the network, has tried the network, but the results of what? If you fail to succeed, then you should consider changing your mind. Because the network is different from the reality.

from "" price war "on the network, from the large area network advertisement, VANCL" quickly detonated from "Wong Lo Kat" network, no one in our eye not always stimulate. However, the same cash out operation in the network, why others success and I have been tepid? In fact there are many reasons, if managers can realize a few of them, it can let the enterprise network gallop on the battlefield.

long-term investment rather than short-term eye effect

engaged in propaganda in the enterprise who will have such a feeling, when we reached a strategic cooperation for a year with a media, according to media’s influence on the enterprise brand influence and sales performance will be greatly improved. So why would this? Because the business with the media cooperation, the enterprise is in its propaganda indirectly to the media, and the media according to their characteristics of the audience, these groups to produce in line with the concept of the spread of the information embedded in the concept, long time stimulation, will cause great concern the audience. In other words, if the way of plane media into a network, is also the results? "VANCL" success, to a certain extent depends on this way.

wide spread rather than a small range of hype

has been engaged in network marketing, uninterrupted customer received such a demand: "I hope you can do some publicity in our local, because if the country spread, we not covered, but also may exceed the budget cost." Many customers ask, sometimes make me cry. But, on second thoughts, the traditional marketing way, the enterprise is only limited to some of their surrounding city, in the circle, has achieved certain profits, in their eyes, as long as I maintain this circle the can, why spend money to put to the place? Is that really so


engaged in the network of people know that the network is an open cluster. A message that I can see in every corner of the world. Such a favorable platform, if it is limited, as if a person’s legs were interrupted, so that the whole propaganda is not complete, and greatly affect the effectiveness of propaganda. Alibaba screening Baidu spiders, but many people will still see the news of the Alibaba on Baidu, why is this because Alibaba has a powerful station >

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