The protection consciousness of cybersquatting wind

      Ji Ning Feng electric.Com Juventus domain name was registered after Yang Goubuli, Tang Wei.COM and users are registered, it is understood that only the famous also breeds opportunities, the domain name has become hotspot users registered, into e-commerce sites, users become the personal blog, a gossip news website, and claimed to be at the price of 7000 yuan sold, the most outrageous is that is selling pet dog and the Tibetan mastiff, the price of 10 thousand yuan.

      domain name, as China’s Internet development of the central nervous system, it is bound to move toward a personalized, diversified direction. As we all know, the domain name is used on the Internet to find the location of the site’s proprietary logo. The Internet domain name "index" features for enterprises on the Internet to attract business, extending the brand value. In the new economic era, any enterprise in order to enter the Internet can not cross the domain name has the basic stage, so its important existence value is beyond doubt.

      as an integral part of the intellectual property rights of the enterprise, the value of the well-known trademark is self-evident, the creation of a well-known brand, often take decades, hundreds of years of unremitting efforts. In recent years, the domestic enterprises of domain name protection consciousness is relatively weak, so only the domain name was registered by the problem. According to the United States orange Internet official said: in the case of increasingly scarce domain resources, domestic and foreign enterprises should strengthen the awareness of the domain name protection, in the shortest possible time the impact of advertising into commercial value. Domain name application market is broad, service providers in the corresponding service should also follow the development and improvement, and strive to occupy a larger market share. Therefore, we provide a variety of domain names to allow users to select a platform to manage, so that they really enjoy one-stop service."

     , it is reported that the United States orange Internet not only provide com, CN, Mobi and other domain names, but also provide some more distinctive Asia, HK, TW, a wide range of domain names, can be described as the most. Learned from the US orange Internet marketing department, HK TW, the domain name is China’s Hongkong and Taiwan area of top-level domain, as in recent years the domestic investment in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the increase in the number of HK and TW, domain name registration market showing a large space, as the latest features of the domain name, rich resources and unique charm, will occupy more market in the domain name market.

      a variety of domain names, the new suffix has been introduced, the current China has registered domain names have reached more than 80 species. The demand for various types of domain name is gradually rising, a variety of types of domain name service management platform, the domain name registration more convenient, especially to provide more convenience for the enterprise, this form of service will be a good trend > Internet service

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