Department stores to replace home appliances into a new electricity supplier price war home

July 22nd afternoon, although 6.18 of the electricity supplier war did not appear anticipated unpopular, but the main theme of this year’s electricity supplier industry still grab the customer, each enterprise to gain access to the electricity supplier three tickets for the race. With the abolition of home appliances subsidy policy, since entering in July, the department stores to replace home appliances has become a new electricity supplier price war home.

this month many of the electricity supplier business will focus on the promotion of the transfer of the field of daily necessities. First the general merchandise store No. 1, mainly the beginning of the five anniversary of the anniversary promotion, and the Jingdong immediately after the mall also announced super business will launch a fresh business, external impression has always been to 3C digital communications products, "man business easy fast network for the first time to carry out large-scale department stores theme promotion category.

fast and easy network operations director Pan Biao said that the Department of easy fast series of promotional activities in time and shop No. 1 anniversary is consistent, but it is fast and easy in early planning has been good. The Department is also an important category of easy fast contnung.

Pan Biao said, Yi Xun is expected to be introduced by the end of the year 1500 high-end brands in a second tier department stores, the number of goods than the current turn over 3 times. At present, Yi Xun has with Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Dumex, Ray-Ban, Ray-Ban, Nestle, kraft, COFCO and many other enterprises reached a depth of cooperation agreement.

not long ago, in a fast and easy first supplier conference, Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi also said that the 3C appliance category users buy low frequency, in order to further expand the market scale, enhance user stickiness, food and FMCG will be a major breakthrough. In the second half of the category expansion.

electricity supplier industry experts believe that before the Jingdong, Yi Xun is based on the 3C digital field advantage, the male user based electricity supplier, but after the user base continues to expand, will inevitably face the problem of users enhance the repeat purchase rate. Jingdong launched an open platform, on-line super, fresh, fast and easy to enter the department store is the purpose of large-scale move.

Bu Guangqi also said, "general merchandise category of goods, on the one hand can increase the consumer in a fast and easy platform stickiness, on the other hand, FMCG, food and other merchandise commodities can also help fast and easy adjustment of the current structure of the majority of male users accounted for."

he said, Yi Xun force department is from the perspective of consumers, and through the cooperation of Tencent, easy fast development of a large number of members, everyone to experience fast and easy quality products and logistics services, but for users to buy 3C digital Xun traditional number is not high, so the expansion of merchandise category is "we hope good service can make consumers in the shopping process of other commodities also realized".

however, Bu Guangqi also pointed out that the fast and easy path will not be the whole category expansion category across the board forward, we must first ensure that the number of new categories, corresponding brands and products and professional services. "Only stay focused in the new category, will grow very quickly." < >

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