One medicine network announced renamed 1 drug network enabled new Logo

November 25th news recently, B2C pharmaceutical business "one drug network" announced the full name, the official website was changed from "one drug network" as the "1 medicine network, mobile App by the" No. 1 pharmacies "was renamed" 1 synchronous medicine ", and the opening of a new Logo – three capsule composed of red and yellow people blue. At the same time, from December 15th onwards, the 1 drug network’s online medical platform App easy to visit, will also be renamed as the 1 diagnosis".


the systematic replacement of brand identity, through the digital 1 will be connected to each of the 1 drug network business model. The 1 drug network, 1 cases, and the B2B service "1", "three carriages" to build the "1" series of Internet plus health ecological system.

‘s new name is not only more concise, but also focus on the company’s health mission." 1 drug network, said, people often say that health is 1, only attached to the 1, family, career, status, etc. These will be meaningful to the 0."

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