Dangdang said e books within 3 years will not affect the paper books


technology news April 15th morning news, dangdang.com start network Book Festival, announced that it will start the 50 percent off promotional activities of 500 thousand kinds of books, books for dangdang.com Kan Min said that within 3 years of paper books e-books will not impact.

said the dangdang.com, book market share to occupy 50% of the industry, the most important task of dangdang.com this year, in addition to keep the price and service, more important is to play their own social influence on national reading.

According to

Kan min revealed that the library gross profit has reached 19%, while for the e-book business, Kan min believes that the whole industry is still in a very early stage, and there are no dangdang.com related data can be disclosed.

but he pointed out that Dangdang’s judgment is not too much impact on the e-book book within 3 years. According to Dangdang internal statistics, 50% of users in the same book above, both to buy e-books and buy a paper book.

Kan Min also said that if the next day e-books have a negative impact on book sales, the price of e-books will not like now so cheap, but sales of e-books will fill up sales of paper books, the profit will be better.

data show that since the beginning of the year, Amazon e-book business has been more than paper books, while China’s development is still in its infancy, which is free of charge in the past, piracy too much environment. "The publishing industry is not likely to shrink, and there will be a good development in the future." Kan Min said. (Lin Ming)

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