80% sponsored enterprises with CN domain name for the Olympic marketing

      reporter survey found that the current 57 Olympic sponsorship companies, a total of 47 CN domain names, the overall utilization rate of up to 82.5%, of which the global partner of the Olympic Games CN domain usage rate of up to 100%.

      the Olympic Games bring good business opportunity, echo with it, the marketing means of the enterprise also emerge one after another. Network marketing has become an important means of corporate marketing, so with the Chinese color CN domain name, for the 12 global partners and the Olympic Games in Beijing, the world’s 11 largest partner of the widely adopted. It is reported that the Bank of China website main domain name also changed to a brief bank-of-china.com by boc.cn. Panasonic, Volkswagen, Samsung and other companies in addition to the use of CN domain name as the main domain name outside the site, but also registered dozens of CN domain name for brand protection and network marketing. In the Olympic sponsorship of the Olympic marketing, advertising can be seen everywhere can be found CN domain names, such as Coca-Cola’s icoke.cn.

      according to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) data show that as of the end of June this year, the number of China’s CN website under the domain name from the beginning of the 440 thousand growth to 810 thousand, the number of CN domain sites accounted for 62% of China’s website, which means that the vast majority of our website is use the CN domain name. In addition to the surge in the number of 810 thousand sites, more CN domain name is applied to personal blog, personalized e-mail and other diversified network applications.

      in this regard, industry experts said that this is the inevitable result of the development of the Internet and the national domain name to a certain extent.

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