Small network studio to register a company

is currently engaged in China network industry personnel more and more small, the formation of the team is also given to the beyond count, a small team of registered company, according to company business? It may be a small team discussion.

A case of

x, Shanghai small team, mainly to do software development, development is not what great things, but with the development of the software platform network application system. Each system’s income is not very big, but it can Many a little make a mickle. Because the registered companies in Shanghai cheap, but also the local college students registered companies can be more government support. They use the joint-stock company, the company’s external display, the necessary provisions of the system, the other are flexible transactions. In good condition. Because some of the list of customers still believe in the company. So, as far as possible, I suggest that a small team can set up a company to operate.

all over the country have issued some policies of encouraging entrepreneurship, including in the period cost of registered companies, some local registered companies can also check payment of funds, like Shanghai 100 thousand yuan of registered companies began to need more than 30 thousand can be registered to the company license. Money can be paid in installments. If you are really tight funds, then you can also find a number of registered companies to help agents, they help you pay, the charges are not very expensive, generally around 2500 yuan. You have a little money. They can help you get anything. I know these registered companies to help at least hundreds of companies each year to register, but also many companies began to register the preferred method.

network business, is built in the virtual network world, you do not give the customer get some substantial customer, how I believe you, unless of course your network expert with his personal influence, but the people, out of the money you need for billing. Then registered the company itself, the team is also a spur and pressure. How to feed the company? Just opened the company will be closed down joke?.

finished saying, I wish the world entrepreneurs can succeed! Money big hair, want to know some details of specific registered company can take a look at the website Article only A5 welcome to reprint, please keep the link

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