Veteran secret e commerce channels how to play

college entrance examination, by Ma confused, I decided to choose a professional e-commerce. Of course, I will choose to regret, because do not learn "dry cargo". At that time (2004), but the concept of electronic commerce, Dangdang is in the bud, 8848 dead, university teachers have not received actually pure business training, and university courses are rigged, and as a result, after graduating from college, graduating students in electronic commerce in addition to professional names, in fact, is looking for professional counterparts in the work very difficult.

today, when I’m with college students talk about work when I was surprised to find that the graduate students majoring in electronic commerce in 99% did not engage in electronic commerce, even in the Internet circle of people who work very little, but I became a "regular army" in the "".

of electronic commerce to live their own dreams, I through years of thinking on the Internet, as well as service planning, leisure agriculture in Hunan province do operations, like buying shoes, Taobao, write down the blog in barley (, website, and micro-blog play, then this year (2011 the boss started) system and the whole experience of an e-commerce company to summarize from 0: electronic commerce, is just a channel.

on e-commerce channels

I think that the current e-commerce channels are mainly the following:

1, independent channel

1.1 features

build their own e-commerce platform, through targeted promotion to get users.

1.2 value

I think the electronic commerce brand had a type of very weak, just self channel brand image, when the product, brand gradually recognized by the market, will become a self channel e-commerce brand new economic growth point.

1.3 platform to build

proprietary platform, traffic in the absence of large-scale advertising investment under the premise that the flow of people is actually very rare, thus, at the beginning of the platform to focus on only two aspects:

one, it is in product design, page structure design to do simple, refreshing, people feel at a glance, in the shortest possible time for customers to find the products they need;

second, the user is registered, the transaction process optimization, which is a direct impact on the conversion factor.

1.4 operations

e-commerce, is no longer a concept, investors will no longer have to invest in the concept of the network, in addition, the increasing cost of Internet advertising. In the absence of money and access to investment under the premise of self operation of the channel I personally think that the main support, and the focus is on the adoption of third parties

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