The B2C website is a new round of reshuffle new catch return net express

this winter China e-commerce (electronic business channel) development will usher in the sixteenth year, and Newegg also ushered in the nine anniversary. Now the B2C electronic commerce through baptism and subversion for fifteen years, is already in a state of perfect competition, Jingdong, Newegg, No. 1 shops and several large B2C sites, both online and offline or online operation mechanism, has been in intense competition.

with cool, Gome acquisition Kuba Skynet on-line landing, B2C industry has ushered in new members, the initial formation of the four modes of online shopping mall, comprehensive integrated platform independent network brand mall, mall and mall chain + net sales. China Electronic Commerce Research Center predicted that in 2011 the B2C e-commerce industry will be a new round of elimination phase.

from the current status of e-commerce can be seen, there are many new B2C site, but very little success. But not to say that the current B2C is no rookie rise, Newegg is one example. – in the B2C A new force suddenly rises. catch up from behind the mall, cause many experts in electronic commerce. After expert analysis found – and return network cooperation can not be said to be one of the highlights of the new egg network can quickly rise.

experts in the B2C mall has let consumers dazzling, and return the net appears to provide consumers with a choice of channels, consumers can return to the net store commodity price is relatively high, but also to return a certain percentage of cash. So become the first choice for many consumers, to save money, on the return has become the consensus of many consumers.

on the current – nine anniversary as an example, Newegg chose to return to cross network cooperation on a new level of promotion. According to the reporter – will begin from November 1st, the grand launch of the first wave of promotional activities, this time the promotional activities mainly includes two major theme activities, "fun 9 anniversary of seckill without limit" and "new Master show". This is the new network and return the launch of large-scale promotional activities.

also returned to the network with a number of other B 2C sites also have cooperation, such as Taobao, Dangdang, etc.. Return to the network of basic objects covering the various sectors of the B2C website. It can be said that whatever the online shopping, the return of the network is a good idea.

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