Every day to respond to the store closed shop ongoing service upgrades

news July 22nd, every orchard relevant responsible person confirmed to the media, the line stores concentrated close. At present, Beijing stores have been closed down, Shanghai and other areas have been close to the store before the cloth".

reasons for closing the store, orchard every day to explain the upgrade. "We conducted a service upgrade at the beginning of the year, ‘every day’ upgrade to the current ‘lightning’."

in July last year, Chen Jiajie, vice president of orchard every day, every day in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen 4 cities opened nearly 60 O2O stores, by the end of 2015, this figure will reach 100. He pointed out that the fruit for the electricity supplier, O2O can also solve the distribution speed, cost and consumer experience and a series of problems. We will focus on the distribution of fruit to the next line stores, 3 km can be directly distributed through the car. After the consumer orders, you can receive the goods within 2 hours or less, significantly improve the distribution speed. This "last mile" under the line means that the logistics cost reduction.

but after a period of operation, the orchard every day found the line shop problem. Orchard every day, said the orchard was originally used every day is the store + front warehouse mode, but the frequent entry and exit of goods affect the user experience, thus changing the current warehouse model. "We are testing the area through the relative concentration of the user, and then get a good experience to promote."

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