The electricity supplier and the line shop O2O Conspiracy the ideal plump skinny reality

[Abstract] Jingdong, Tmall and other commercial enterprises have line shop cooperation, "new business" came into being, but whether the user will pay


Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on April 4th

The background of integration of online and offline under

, electricity supplier companies are extending their reach to the next line, the next line stores with the electricity supplier, the Internet platform to expand multi-channel sales, a new form of business is being born.

after cooperate with Shanxi Tang Long convenience stores, Jingdong and Quik, good neighbors, friends and other line convenience stores reached a cooperation, covering 15 city, more than 11 thousand stores.

Jingdong is not the first cooperation with convenience stores electricity supplier company. Last year, Amazon and the family convenience store to reach a cooperation, the whole family to provide users with the store from mentioning, payment and other services, Tmall and the city more than convenience stores to achieve cooperation, which provides self service. This year, Alipay, WeChat to pay all the payment link starting line store.

we cut the pattern of different. Jingdong from the perspective of supply chain; Amazon, Tmall cut from the logistics direction, Alipay, WeChat paid starting from the payment link. The next line stores, any link with the consumer contact any dimension, are exploring the possibility of the internet.

this year will be the first year of new business." A traditional industry people say.

electricity supplier giant alliance line shop

Internet giant to expand early O2O, convenience store chain snatch first became the object of everyone. Why?

convenience store chain is the most recent consumer business format, user stickiness, high consumption frequency, large flow of people, easy to form the user habits; convenience store covers an area of intensive, wide coverage of the whole. In addition, due to the chain format, once the pilot is successful, with a rapid reproduction.

for convenience stores, although the strong vitality, but there is a short board: the store covers an area of small, narrow channel resources show. Through the electronic business platform to expand the ability to display, which is the most valued value of convenience stores. There is a need to penetrate the line, the other side of the need for full channel retail, the two sides become the most ideal partner.

in the payment link, many convenience stores began experimenting with Alipay, WeChat paid for cooperation from last year. Although the central bank suspended the scan code payment, two-dimensional code to pay, but will still be released after security certification.


we have a clear understanding of the payment link, the future of cash transactions will be greatly reduced." Liu Yun think the person in charge of Meiyijia marketing center, the payment link, it is necessary to provide users with more possibilities.

collection package is another convenience store to see the value of cooperation with the electricity supplier companies. Convenience stores on behalf of customers to receive electricity supplier platform package, equivalent to provide differentiated services to customers. Customers do not need to wait for the package and a waste of time, time is more controllable, 24 hours is not closing. The >

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