Three or four line city buy site innovation path

buy big reshuffle has ended

data show that: as of the end of 2013, the number of domestic websites are still normal operations has shrunk to 213, equivalent to the number of sites to buy the peak (June 2011, 5058) 1/25. Buy a big reshuffle is over!


group purchase website, on behalf of the platform such as the U.S. group, handle, Wowo, glutinous rice and so on, the competition is still very intense, each group purchase websites competing force, using various means to seize the user resources.

three or four line city buy site

The giants of the

Internet group purchase website, a line is occupied the main city of a second, and the three or four line of the city has slowly infiltrated, which will undoubtedly give the domestic group purchase websites caused considerable impact. All say "strong dragon fight vision", and now the group purchase giant dragons are strong, trod to death "vision" of the trend of local group purchase.


one, born "angel" user

is the main battlefield of giant group purchase in a second tier city, but moved to the three or four line of the city, there is a part of the substation or proxy mode. The station opened early, substation can obtain a large number of users from the local station (via IP). You know, that a group of early users group purchase is very important for gold light users, from this point of view, group purchase "items" lose on the starting line.

second, fast cloning of Bel cool

stationThe establishment of

giant group purchase station, and even can be responsible for the technical support group purchase station, this station responsible person can put more energy and resources into the promotion and business.

three, so that small partners stunned capital support

these group of giants have basically got a round or several rounds of investment, do not lack money you know? With the money, the bombing of the bombing tactics have a guarantee.

fourth, extremely awesome big investment promotion channels

buy giant in terms of publicity and promotion is very willing to do, not only crazy Internet advertising on the line, even the traditional media have spared no effort to put advertising is very strong.

fifth, so you can not help point like a professional operations team

group purchase giant in a few years of operation process, has already established, summed up a set of practical operation plan, it can be used as reference station. At the same time the operation team, and even specialized user analysis department, for the polymerization of users, analysis of user needs, and improve the purchase rate has a great help.

local group model needs to innovate

Both the

group purchase start-up period, the outbreak period or the pioneer period, prices are most easily resorted to the means. However, the only super low price sales, open to buy, for the brand >

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