Have poison Tmall sellers openly sell henna flowers Hair Coloring agent


] August 12th news billion state power network, the day before, Zhejiang Province, a consumer in the Tmall CTeX India flagship store to buy the black henna flowers and moisturizing lotion, use at home for the elderly after the scalp redness, itching and other allergic phenomenon. After the query data, the consumer know the henna flowers because it has toxicity, was used as additive in Hair Coloring agent is not allowed in China, on the Internet has a large number of related news and case. But the consumer told billion state power network, after many complaints have not yet received the corresponding treatment and compensation.

Handian flagship store in the black henna flowers moisturizing lotion

the black henna flowers run dew products

noted billion state power network, based on the "Regulations" of cosmetics, cosmetics Hair Coloring belongs to the special purpose cosmetics, must obtain a license to the production and sale of cosmetics. After verification, our country had not approved contain henna flower cosmetics ingredients on the market with the claims contain henna flower "Hair Coloring cosmetics are illegal products.

in order to obtain compensation, the consumer related Handian Tmall flagship store personnel of the communication on want. Consumers respect, Handian staff attitude is very bad. "I should not accuse Handian according to the product name that the products contain henna flower countries prohibited ingredients. Do not look at the product name and introduction, I know according to what ingredients? "Consumers feel ridiculous for CTeX flagship response.

claims to no avail, the consumer has to Yuhang District Association and the industrial and Commercial Department of the Handian flagship store and Tmall, get feedback about the same. Tmall has always said to the relevant departments, business feedback is only the use of the old packaging goods, does not contain prohibited ingredients. If consumers detect products contain henna flower components, Tmall will deal with the issue of compensation, the product has been deleted.

Tmall to Yuhang District CaseTrust response

but consumers view the cosmetics health supervision regulations, the view that the product itself is prohibited to do illegal propaganda products, businesses and platforms should be punished.

so, the consumer and the food and Drug Administration and the subsequent complaints to businessmen and Tmall, the complaint was put under the Guangzhou Baiyun District food and drug administration. Consumers buy products sent to the food and drug administration, through the Bureau and manufacturers to communicate, that consumers buy products is Guangzhou Handian Cosmetics Co.

consumers told billion state power network, the food and Drug Administration of the relevant responsible person has been informed of his telephone, manufacturers should not use henna flowers as propaganda elements in packaging, has ordered the Guangzhou Handian cosmetics Limited company rectification, but not for punishment. The food and drug administration also said it would carry out the composition of the product testing, has not been able to obtain test results.

consumers are not satisfied with the order of the rectification process, that the food and drug administration should be punished accordingly. In order to protect their own rights and interests, consumers and

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