Not for financing and bow

yesterday CRE capital friends on MSN to communicate with me, before I find them, not what they interested in money online booking network. Yesterday that a friend is to see the online networks account for a foreign similar doing very well, and got the third round of investment, so he saw the news (, very sensitive to contact me immediately, asking the money in the account line network.

money online networks account for the current development to a new level, need more funds to develop, so recently has been busy financing matters. Contact with a lot of venture capitalists and angel investment, learn a lot of things, but also very happy to get a lot of experience with the financing of friends. But give me the deepest feelings, as if financing is to finance the financing, for example, money online interface is ugly, many good friends suggested to finance things, try to change the interface, instead of the beautiful. To tell the truth, this proposal is really good, but also we have to do. But considering the actual situation, at present, we do not have enough manpower to do. At the same time in the current energy situation, doing something else may be more important.

anyway, thank you all these money online to help and care for friends in the way of financing, in my personal character and way of doing things, I do not want to finance the bow.

first: not for financing and bow, off-line adhere to honesty, honest

money online account net financing for the purpose of developing bigger and faster, in the past 2 years, money online with the strength of the team, in the absence of any funds, the site to do the first seat peer, not imitation website from scratch, any object, product development and market operation are by doing the exploration. Have many friends are very concerned about money online is how many money online members, currently has 40 thousand registered members, so no matter under what circumstances, money online honest said their true situation, only honest customers themselves, to allow investors to clearly and accurately determine whether the value of the investment, definitely not for money online get the investment or resort to deceit deliberately packaging.

second: financing purpose is to develop

money online financing for the purpose of greater development, so in the off-line stage, the funds do not need a lot, so many don’t want to waste, will, if to tens of millions of dollars, it does not take so much money, only a waste of money, money online is the development of step by step, at what stage of what you need to do things, how much money is needed in what stage is very clear. Because any one thing the faster development may die more quickly, with the development of the market only down-to-earth, such as now tens of millions of dollars to invest money online, the current market environment is not Chinese >

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