Network soft Wen marketing road to explore where is the way

now, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to marketing, hope in the network, the use of marketing to create more miracles, but how to make good use of marketing, this problem has plagued many people, to explain to customers n times every day, such a situation, in the marketing sector should belong to the tragedy.

Xie today special finishing time, and we explore the use of soft marketing, I hope that, we can provide some help for you, these things may have been said, don’t say, but no more to be worn today to write a paper. ,

hype and the difference between soft

a lot of marketing workers, you want to help me contact the speculation speculation, how much traffic, always put the soft to the top on, actually is a kind of embodiment of soft, soft and not speculation is equal to. Hype on the Internet, can be an event, can be speech, can be other, but the soft can be used to help the event, comments, more media exposure and attention.

soft price performance issues

I think, not soft and SEO, PPC and other ways to promote more acceptable, it is for this reason, it’s no wonder that the use of soft on the network, the first is to use in the webmaster, I also thank the old website after the contact with soft, many people have a soft touch and flow, the can understand, but we look at the successful case of the surrounding soft, they may be you have not been found, or do you know the contact of this product, is to see their soft after being familiar with, in this regard, Ma Yun Taobao is a typical example, there are some well-known mall, they are not blindly to the pursuit of my website needs to how much traffic, but my awareness must be overstating, I can profit, truth is so.

soft Wen and trust relationship

on the network, to enhance the credibility of marketing is the top priority, because the network itself is a virtual, you can not put the object in front of everyone, you can touch to see. So, now, the formation of commercial activities on the network, or the purchase of a relationship, is a solution to the site or product trust. Web site trust, should be the first proposed a concept, in the last year, I wrote this article, focusing on this.

soft Wen should enhance the best dagger trust, because in the network, the show, is the most common and common form, because the whole network is composed of numerous websites, websites are mostly embodied in the form, so it is very clear.

soft in the future where

, the industry should be a tragedy of the industry, there are too many to marketing under the guise of doing the work themselves are not clear, it’s no wonder that the soft largely by the grey channel, which also makes a lot of copycat institutions, not >

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