Fresh fruit announced the completion of 200 million C round of financing Suning collar investment

investment after the completion of the whole fresh fruit to Su Su Xiansheng settled, Xiansheng directly added 4000 fresh goods SKU.


I horse news November 9th news in March this year following the completion of the Alibaba, KK Group invested $260 million C round of financing, the day before, easy fruit fresh announced that it has completed a $200 million C+ round of financing led investment suning.

It is reported that

, Suning announced on March 2015 formally enter the fresh market, the sale of proprietary raw products, and named "Su Xiansheng", products related to meat fruits and vegetables, seafood, eggs, etc.. After the completion of the investment, easy fruit fresh whole will be settled in Xiansheng Su Su, Xiansheng directly added 4000 fresh goods SKU.

fresh fruit first started in 2005, according to its published data show that, at present, a total of 4000 SKU fruit, all fresh products, customer price at 150-200 yuan, gross profit margin of over 30%. Logistics is Xianda currently has 6 to 7 positions, Japan can handle the orders of more than 100 thousand, covering 330 major city and area, the cost of 20% single shoe head loss in 3-4%. Easy fruit fresh daily GMV target is 10 million.

fresh fruit founder Zhang Ye believes that the advantages of easy fruit mainly concentrated in three aspects: first, easy fruit is Tmall supermarket area exclusive operator, natural flow advantage; two, easy fruit’s Xianda with cold chain logistics system covering to C, it is easy to reduce the logistics cost and fruit a very important tool to ensure the quality of fresh fruit; three, in the category richness, and geographical coverage over the past more than and 10 years to accumulate the basic supply chain.

"we are confident that we can achieve full profitability in 2018." Zhang Ye in August this year, in an interview with the business observer, said.

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