How to win a good first impression

"a good beginning is half of success", this sentence is known to all, like meeting people, a refreshing outfit, shiny hair, face and then handed in fine fig, a name card, I believe it will be a bright eyes impressed with the desire to continue to associate. For email marketing, you see is the first recipient of bulk mail title, title if it is material, attractive to the spleen and stomach, readers will have in-depth reading of a detailed understanding of the desire, or even if the content is wonderful, may also encounter a talented man finds his ability unrecognized injustice. So why start from the title "qingjunruweng"? U-Mail email platform contributed several effective way:

, a consumer – G


your clients need? He is most worried about what is fear? You put yourselves in the customer’s point of view, the effect will be very good. You should always pay attention to the trend of the industry changes, and write down the current market hot spots, on this basis, the future has a judgment, and then targeted to design a good mail title. Such as food and beverage industry, a period of time, the people of the "drainage oil" and other food safety is concerned, scared, eating out of the National People’s Congress, at this time, catering enterprises timely up "at the oil" concept in bulk mail, each account main ingredients are sources of "safety, health, environmental protection" brand. Not only reassuring, but more tourists to shunt.

two, accurate digital integration, the specific time to create a sense of urgency

Clever use of digital

, will give consumers a reliable and honest feeling, strong generality, clear purpose, clear demands, allow consumers to quickly grasp the essentials, such as "2680 yuan from Southeast Asia", "the 8 categories of goods as low as half off sales", "10 classes to teach you the negotiation skills" and so on. The specific time will create a sense of urgency, such as "10 days before discount, 51 travel ticket panic buying" and "seminar this week only 10 seats, is now scheduled"……

three, evoking action

good title to let consumers to resist, and I immediately open the message to read, so you should start from the title encouraged him to take immediate action, such as "please open… "Click", "instant reply", "today", etc..

four, simplified text

you may take care of to the consumer when reading with the mobile phone, tablet and other mobile tools, if the title is too long too wordy, may not contain no screen, spread, and the short title will be more impressive, who can take the brains of consumers in the shortest time, marketing means the half success. Because this is a fast-paced society, in general, the best 10-15 words, 18 words is the limit. You can select the key words and you want to express the important information, and then according to the purpose, to match these keywords.

five, repeated testing


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