The giant sequoia database for ten million B round of financing lead investor DCM

14, distributed database vendor SequoiaDB Redwood database announced today received a $10 million B round of financing, led by the DCM investment, A round investors Qiming venture capital investment.


for the current round of financing Sequoia data that will be mainly invested in expanding the market size and technology ecosystem, solutions and combined with more developers to build end-to-end, bring more business data fast and efficient solutions.

SequoiaDB, the giant sequoia database focused on a new generation of big data infrastructure development, is the new generation of distributed database vendors. At present, the main service in China’s enterprise market, has successfully established a sound business revenue model. Earlier, in August 2014, SequoiaDB won the Redwood database geek help millions of dollars in Angel round of financing, completed in December the same year Qiming million A round of financing.

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