80% of the marketing people are lost in this link

to do marketing for three years, too many people exposed to marketing. In the talk, I found that more than eighty percent people with the same mistake.

and this error has also led directly to your business has been doing little

in the Internet today, drainage, looking for target customers is not your most headaches, each product you can find a hundred percent of the corresponding market, poor is the executive power.

user is not the key, the circle of friends Shuabing today can attract customers, if you have a slightly changed strategy, altruistic concept, the effect is not better.

is precisely the final transaction links, more than eighty percent people here in the gutter capsize, saying that white is the customers to come to consult with you, you talk to him in the wrong.

back carefully, how many customers you lost…

the following points, as long as you can firmly grasp, I believe you can at least reduce customer churn rate of fifty percent.

a, transposition thinking!

empathy, you just need to think about what the customer care about, you give him the answer he cares!

why do customers lose it? Because you don’t give the customer the answer you want, the customer cares about it, you say a bunch of things he doesn’t care about. The client is not interested in nature, go!

you just in their own world, only say this product you how good, but you missed the point, the user take the initiative to come to you, that is interested in your products, so you don’t need to repeat this product well, that is nonsense, only let users lose interest in purchasing


how empathy, simply do four steps:

1 out of your world!

when you can complete the whole station in the user’s point of view to think of him, you out of your world. In other words, you don’t have to say too much about how good your product is, but why you need your product.

2 into his world!

when you understand why the customer needs your product, you walk into his world. You understand his needs so you can understand his point of pain, the pain is that everyone will deliberately hide, but through dialogue, you can be invisible to understand. All you have to do is think: if you were in his shoes, you would have a recent "dream" to meet such a problem, how you feel and how you want to solve it.

, for example, you sell an e-book, this book is about how to accurately find your target customers on the Internet and easily guide into your database.

I came to consult you, I told you: I spent a lot of money to listen to the class, but it can not, no use. Very anxious ah, a lot of products store >

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