Copy in the end how expensive

copy is expensive,

?After listening to

, there are a lot of people have expressed their dissatisfaction.

Designer: do a set of VI there are millions.

programmer: average monthly salary of at least fifteen thousand.


a day not less than 300.

and copy it? You see is such a scene: a month three thousand and five hundred, a little too difficult to pay a monthly salary.

in fact, such a situation, the general is either a novice, or they play in the hearts of contempt does not respect the copy.

because the copy first to learn self-respect. In the words of the little forest. Because in the city can not find a job to do copy, which is a kind of respect for the copy.

copy in the end how valuable it depends on how much respect you copy. The difference between a good copy and a bad copy is not a skill, but more of a respect.

respect their identity, respect their products. How much respect for copywriting, copywriting can be worth much money.

2 yuan lottery

when you write a copy of the welfare lottery, what do you think of the lottery?.

a piece of two dollars in the lottery, just bury your talent. The mind then wrote an anger not yet appeased, worth only two dollars.

"give yourself a chance to change your destiny."

and valuable copywriting, has begun to tell a story. The same is to change the fate of grass root becomes rich handsome more attractive.

"once upon a time there was a grass root, come in to buy a scratch, went out to become rich handsome."

10 yuan soap

when a piece of soap is thrown in front of you, write a copy of it, you do not mind.

immediately went to various groups, throw out a question to ask you how to write copy soap, Guixie, the next task is to wait.

pick up the soap can also be used."

a good friend to respond. You may even soap and soap did not see clearly, put the copy job.

and valuable copy, has begun to use analogy. The real function of the product selling points, combined with the scenes of life.

fire extinguisher, a year may save a. Soap, save countless times a day."

20 yuan cigarette

when the customer handed you a cigarette, you quickly ordered. It’s not for you. It’s for you.

do not smoke how to write a good cigarette copy." You say. There is truth, when you finish, you feel refreshed. The inspiration Everfount, simply speaking renju.

"light tobacco >

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