On how to analyze the tourism industry for free publicity

is currently a large tourism companies are advertising bombing, but when you are spending a lot of money for advertising and no effect, how should you deal with it?

yesterday, I was asked by the general manager of the Hainan dragon travel service to find out if there is any way for me to carry out free publicity and effective. Because they simply do not like the big companies that invested so much advertising costs for marketing. At that time, I replied, you do not want to do. Maybe you will say: there is a free lunch in the world?

large group, large enterprises, please go away, as most of the tourism industry, "non large" enterprises, the following strategies can be achieved through the effective dissemination of the brand, but also – free of charge:

1, rural advertising fast

Shao Qiwei, director of the National Tourism Administration is not also said that the rural tourism market is very broad. However, the characteristics of the rural tourism market, such as large base, wide distribution, low consumption, and the dispersion of the main body of consumption, increase the cost of the market development of the travel agency (mainly for the cost of transportation and personnel).

theory in training for the Hainan China Travel Agency, had proposed the company: relying on relationship marketing too tired, and not on the amount; three strains in the rural areas have streets and farmers on the wall brush advertising, the effect is very good, this is the early method is effective method and now, this method is not out of date, the key is cheap.

theory that: through the above method with some scale of market development means (such as commissioned by the organization committee, the travel agency source) the market risk to a minimum, but also get considerable income from it, to make up for the lack of autumn and winter business volume, do not short off-season.

2, travel soft wen you vote

as a keen marketing people, you should see, in the market economy under the manipulation of this invisible hands, the media competition is becoming increasingly fierce. A large number of media, a large number of pages in urgent need of valuable articles or news to enrich. How can the media manuscript, it is impossible to rely on the strength of a few reporters or editors to write a monthly or even a daily travel media content. This is your chance.

theory think: as long as your manuscript advertising taste not so strong, but also for the selection of investment requirements of the media, so even if your manuscript you promote the scenic spots, the media will be willing to offer you a free lunch. In this regard, the need for all staff and related personnel, combined with their own situation or scenic resources, writing some works to various types of newspapers and magazines.


3, Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon

, curator of the training and consultation process, found that many tourism enterprises are some of the deep literary youth talented men still remained in concealment. I would recommend them in their works inside can regularly with some "after the entrance jiguandong, to re channel ferry and think……" And so on and scenic spot name related content.

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