Engage in electricity supplier You have to understand human nature

for SEO, the user experience is the user experience of the site, while for electricity providers, not just a website of humanity, but our products are used, users love from the heart from the inside out of that, so today we explore the ponies and is human nature.

1: Didi, fast, who is the winner?

didi and fast war finally concluded, some time ago the two software trouble is really many people also believe that raise a Babel of criticism of, enjoy preferential treatment in the fight, later it was heard that Ali and Tencent have to burn about 1000000000, consumption can not afford, perhaps only a truce, the war appears in many people do not have the outcome, but the ponies have different views.

pony thinks the final winner should be Tencent, while Ali was defeated, because Ali lost in the human nature! Use these two software friends all know, when we use these two software taxi, but the taxi master we offer, there will be subsidies, but the subsidies are back now, if users Didi, is the Tencent subsidies, if fast, is Ali subsidies. Pony once used one of the software to take a taxi, chatting with the taxi master in the car.

asked me to test the taxi master, these two software, which is easy to use, the taxi driver did not hesitate to choose the Didi, I was very surprised, not all the same? Taxi Master said: Didi, the same day to be back now, but soon, second days to return now hear, I see light suddenly here, Ali’s failure is so simple, is a return to the fast enough to make a lot of didi taxi master is willing to use, rather than fast, this is human nature, and we must study the electricity supplier, human nature.

two: three squirrels

believe love nuts friends of the four words is not strange, three squirrels in a shop online selling nuts, and a shop that is indeed the valuation of tens of millions, what makes this shop so fire? What makes this shop to do so? This shop is really nuts and other places is not the same? Or marketing in different ways? Let us with questions to analyze three squirrels.

consumption in this shop friends should know that this shop is how to service, when we order sent in the post not only a bag of nuts, there will be a nut clip, delicate plastic bags, wet wipes, pony had to admire this shop, it is to study the human nature to a certain extent, when we eat nuts, certainly need to break, it would need to clamp nuts, when we finished, nut shell can be loaded into plastic bags, we can also use the wet wipe mouth and hands. What do you feel about the whole process,


never met, but we know that users will use what, this is the study of human nature, and we love this shop nuts friends will refuse? The answer is negative, so that the three squirrels success is not accidental, it is bound to study human nature,


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