Kaixian online network local portal promotion example

Kaixian online network site planning

A domain name for

due to the Kaixian online network in program testing, time to be determined, estimated in June 15th, registering the target domain name "www.kxpop.com", "June 1st, Kaixian online network of domain name into the history of inquiry, it was Baidu K records, and the adverse circumstances, the query results: Baidu, Google and search history website no records, belong to the new domain name registration. Because there is no Yahoo, MSN and other search engine site query history. So on the night of June 2nd, in Yahoo, MSN query history.

space registration.

space selected, IDCC.CN, Western Digital, Chinese million net, in order to choose, during the period from June 2nd to June 10th, will register a FTP user in the space business, its website uploaded to the root directory of the space program. Space requirements: size: 300-600mb, support ASP, HTML, language. Flow size: 15G above   IIS concurrent number: more than 150 mailboxes: 50-200MB enterprise mailbox, 5-10 users.

three, June 15th, the official test of the purchase of space, domain name, email, website program:

1.  decided in June 14th, will buy space and domain name in the space with the selected.
2. , transfers through the banking business online; set the domain name, domain name is www.kxpop.com kxpop.com and increased />3.   binding mail.kxpop.com

four. Revision of the website program,     time for —-6 June 14th 18

1.  the website program is modified by FTP software, and pay attention to the backup data in the modified.
2.  to modify pictures with TXT text record, PS software is used to modify the.
3.  set the station LOGO and foreign Links LOGO, the most important creative.

a website operating schedule:  

"the promotion" through the front four steps after the website began operations. Through the QQ message, so that all parts of the country in the network, to help test the speed of the site, and the number of concurrent IIS restrictions. The website was registered in the major search engines are: Baidu BAIDU.COM, Google G..CN, many tiger YAHOO.COM.CN, QQ QQ.COM, 16>

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