Ten ways to improve the conversion rate

      now how to promote the network is a hot topic, but few people understand that to promote the conversion rate is a more important than the network promotion, more difficult things. It is because of this lack of understanding of the conversion rate, spam, buy advertising popups, daily network promotion plugin / virus promotion, crazy buying network advertising and so on errors are staged, these blind promotion is often the result of no effect.

      shop system expert ECSHOP according to the accumulation of experience to improve the shop to promote the conversion rate of the ten ways to make your promotion into the customer’s actual purchase behavior:

      1, User Centered Web site architecture and visual navigation design

      user centered and is not a slogan, but through the user’s perspective, how can the first time the most important content of the site is reflected, and through the product or service features to attract users to understand. A nonconformist website, often give users a sense of bright eyes.

      a nonconformist website, often give users a sense of bright eyes. Do not believe it? A lot of choices to give praise for ECSHOP custom style art, personalized page that they tested.

      2, providing a wealth of product / service presentation information

      a survey shows that, in the online retailers to improve customer conversion rate of the various measures used, which provides a wealth of information on goods is significantly conducive to improving the online store customer conversion rate. For independent shop is also the case, the introduction of the characteristics of the product more detailed, more clear picture of the product, the higher the user’s interest. With the development of video technology, video display for your product has become a fashion. ECSHOP shop system runs a lingerie shop female owner has to do with their own models to display the store of goods sold underwear, the response is very good, if a few video display, sales soared to more.

      3, secure network platform and service qualification display

      survey shows that the shop record information, business quality display, complete contact information, the authority of the network security certification marks and other information, can enhance the user’s recognition. Only under the premise of the user feel safe, will further generate business contacts, online shopping and other acts.

      4, design reasonable promotion and advertising information

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