Watching video marketing from 360 movies

video site of the future development prospects of the 360 integrated search engine at the same time driven by the film and television is a classic case of 360. Film and television drama before the start of the video advertising time significantly increased. 360 film and television commercials before the film is 1 minutes, is a double the odd arts.


video marketing trends in the future?

in recent days, with the introduction of 360 integrated search element, I believe a lot of people are beginning to contact the 360 film and television, while the increase in the exposure of the film and television advertising naturally increased by 360. Become the choice of many advertisers platform. With Youku potatoes for 20 days, and the video industry a major event, after several twists and turns finally come together. Cooperation is also proved that the video industry is more professional, large-scale, brand. This small video production is suppressed. The future development of the two major brands of video marketing is the best prediction.

What are the advantages of

video marketing


1, flow, bring high conversion rate

video screen big reason, as long as the open, the mouse accidentally touch will enter the landing page of advertising, will naturally bring click traffic. As long as the quality of the video is good enough, the quality of clearance, consider the user, moving the user’s heart, naturally able to bring transformation.

A few days ago "Confessions"

as a IT grass root video Youku first, just one week of video Click break 300 thousand, forum posts total hits exceeded 400 thousand, while inflation in the area of the video SKYCC combination marketing software attention.

2, publicity deep, bring potential customers

for the movie or TV drama fans, see the front of the ad is annoying, but can not wait until the end of the ad to be able to see the film, can not skip, skip unless they become members. Over time, even if not familiar with this product, will listen to a hundred times, naturally keep in mind. When I am not familiar with this field, one day I need to think of the brand in my mind.

3, user experience, more intuitive expression

from the user experience point of view, you see the teletext page time words more pictures more, the entire page show many different ads, you see the page is scattered, your attention is scattered. Just words, watching will be very tired. Just look at the picture dazzling, but watching the video broadcast, your attention is more concentrated. The dynamic nature of the screen, to the customer is the most simple, the most direct, the most effective way.

video marketing and the lack of


video advertising size, location, time and so on through the standard format and uniform standards, help to standardize the operation of video sites and orderly development. Like the 360 film and television, odd art, potatoes, Youku, etc. to do a unified >

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