Expert interpretation of marketing to improve the site conversion rate plan

for any network businessman conversion rate they are very concerned about the issue, and to show the lottery lottery website software based enterprise website is even more so, the webmaster in website optimization, mainly to do traffic, but even a web site in the search engine has brought a lot of traffic, high rate the transformation does not represent the website. Lottery operators network marketing station to do good, traffic is the premise, in a large number of traffic situations, how to effectively improve the site’s conversion rate, this is as lottery site SEO personnel should attach great importance to the problem. Improve the site conversion rate, there are many methods, here I stand in the main SEO specialist analysis effectively improve the conversion rate of the site of the coup.

1, lottery site overall positioning

site positioning is the first step in the planning of the lottery website, of course, is also a lottery site ( operation is a very critical point of success or failure. From the beginning of the site positioning determines the core of our website, the site’s operating ideas, the face of the target user groups, the site of a specific theme. For example, we do lottery software website, first of all to determine their own good these questions: what is the core of the site, how to develop the target user groups, how to tap the market and how to operate?

2, lottery website image packaging

do a good job of lottery website image packaging, in the present Internet Co this is very important. With the improvement of people’s aesthetic, the image of the website packaging to a certain extent will improve the site conversion rate. Especially those who first came to our site lottery operators, first impressions of the website can give buyers a great impact on the psychological photogenic, think of yourself, if for the first time on a lottery website, I believe you will not be in a mess, tone, complex layout content not clear without classification of lottery site of interest. If we do the lottery website, in the color collocation, page design, the layout is very good, so for users, these details will when the user first visited the site to impress, trust is also improved.

3, lottery website structure reasonable and practical

we want to learn the concept of SEO combined with the characteristics of lottery software products, effective to show the advantages and uniqueness of our Lottery software. The results of the lottery website reasonable mainly from the site level rationality, navigation items clarity, visitors can be very simple and quick to find the product or content they want to consider these aspects. Visitors online to buy our lottery products or use our paid services, we must first set up a convenient channel for them to get the information they want.

4, pay attention to the communication between the user and the website

users and the exchange of our Lottery site, mainly reflected in the quality of the lottery website customer service staff and the establishment of user feedback in the lottery website. Online customer service, enterprise fixed telephone, email >

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