Marketing is not a warm dinner and then send a circle of friends


said when will call marketing in full avenue, many nouveau riche boss would say proudly pointing to his phone sales team: "my marketing team is cattle."

told a 40 year old uncle that he was very popular, found a cool singer called Phoenix legend. This is a matter of ideas. Similarly, there are also good at dealing with the nouveau riche boss, have a good drink to help qiaosheruhuang warriors, they feel their own public relations effort unmatched.

marketing, in the literal sense, is the camp + pin.

camp is the state of power storage. The state is long and planned. Popular point, this is called foreplay.

during foreplay, you must be well versed in Chuiladanchang, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, sections on creativity, play with nature, nodes by planning, seemingly calm a readily closing, but careful layout of each piece, as far as possible makes greater influence. Burst test nodes and the ability to improvise, you can borrow a hot red, black PR do you can put into your public relations crisis event marketing events.

and sell it?

foreplay foot, also afraid of no climax? So, as a result of just that camp pin.

has much to wear big ass pants

boss told you, give me the same Chu orange brand. And then you work overtime for the boss to write a 10 million cost of marketing planning case, midnight home tired and hungry, the entrance of the small man shouted: orange fruit shop sale. You picked up three big, spend huge sums of money to 1.8 yuan. The second day the boss told you, 10 million too much, give you the first year of this year, a good job, next year to consider giving you the 200 thousand promotion of the 100 thousand.

this is reality.

small companies generally do not have the money to do marketing, small marketing can not afford to do big moves, even if the money to do marketing, also tend to be German unworthy, it is loved by naught.

I is a small company, no matter how I do it? God, give me a chance to get rich overnight.

– this is not true.

but the grass root counter attack, corner overtaking such stories will occur. So, how super?

marketing force gear the key to winning

is very simple, product force.

do you think millet is just doing a good job marketing behind the myth of millet marketing, there is a cost-effective high quality products.

you say, copycat mobile phone dual sim card have better seismic resistance too strong configuration verbs play the vast horizon is my love, but why do millet


please turn off your Phoenix legend.

in the era of insufficient food, can eat a bowl of rice is the greatest happiness

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