Help an e commerce website to write the optimization program

a few days before the interview of an e-commerce company, after the completion of the interview, they want to write an optimization program, I send this program after they have no news. The following is my written optimization program. Did not write carefully, is to write a simple. Announced, let everyone look at.

comprehensive analysis

1, the location of the site: integrated digital marketing platform.

2, analysis of the user groups: IT practitioners, white-collar and regular Internet users.

Optimization analysis of


1, user experience analysis:

A, the web page open speed: Shenzhen open speed of 4S; Changsha open speed 2S; Sichuan open speed of 6S; Beijing 3S. Web page open speed is very good. User experience.

B, registration need to invite, or can not be registered. Users can not be registered is not conducive to the user experience.

C, find the product level is too much, with the phone: for example, the first point of the phone on the home page, and then click the phone under the classification of the phone, and then the phone screen. Moreover, the phone screen page is empty.

D, receiving the information required only the consignee name and address with * indicate, other required items such as zip code, telephone, mail etc. are not marked as required by *.

E, orders submitted with the network bank payment page docking slower, and in the middle of the blank page in the left bottom of the solution is completed. There is a possibility that the user will be misled and that this order cannot be completed.

F, in the order of the delivery and payment of goods and logistics department with the purchase of the payment requirements.

2, keyword selection:

mobile phones, digital cameras and other key words of intense competition, and the promotion of more businesses, should focus on the choice of long tail keywords.

can refer to my friend’s website, the Chinese car Wikipedia, the site is located around the car’s knowledge of the positioning of keywords. Very conducive to the ranking of keywords.

3, page layout

A, 400 phone should be in the upper right corner of the home page in the form of pictures to focus on display. Customers do not want to go through the online shopping telephone ordering.

B, the location of the site is a digital product, it should try to digital products on the home page for a large area of display.

C, a guide to the inside pages of letters in the form of a link, and will replace the express location promotion information content.

D, commodity revenue billboard and voting is removed, and the block is changed into promotional content or seckill panic buying. And the region will be further expanded.

E, kitchen appliances and home appliances, >

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