used to see how to retain new guest promotion forum popularity

to see the Amoy source Taobao alliance home income billboard, a week will be able to earn a few million yuan, only with guest commission there are so many, you can see this is a very profitable project.

shopping for a long time in the community, learn a lot of knowledge, every kind of guest station, I should use what kind of system to do guest? Those rebate system for money, free and is not complete, a careless PID someone changed still don’t know. Oh, why don’t you do a guest promotion forum? Advertising and a forum, can share very detail, whether it is the seller, Amoy, or want to shopping can stay, the return rate is very high. I would like to register a free forum 5D6D, spent a few days to beautify the forum a good day, every day to add content to the forum, in order to get the search engine included.

I have all the forum layout, and the future work is to promote, this is a long job, but also the most patient work. Many people see just make the site for a period of time didn’t give up the earnings, that is the wrong way. Whether the new website or forum, in the period of development is very difficult to retain people, only Adsense a person every day with a different user name registration, post replies, and my practice is not only save the trouble, but also retain popularity.

say I practice: as the guest promotion forum, the target group is the online shopping guide class, they also need to find local promotion goods, so I put my forum some advertising a list "as long as this forum with 30 post (no irrigation) can have a free advertising" some advertising is provided free of charge to the treasurer. This approach is very popular, bring me a lot of popularity forum. There will be a gain in popularity.


above is I do a little Amoy promotion experience, I offer the guest Promotion Forum: look after me some suggestions or comments, thank you


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